Welcome to my website I dont know how to code,..I just smash my keyboard and cry and somehow things somewhat turn out okay. ITS SUPPOSED TO LOOK BAD TRUST ME ITS THE AESTHETIC YEAH?!?!? YEAH!?!! TRUST ME. This is actually what my brain looks like. please god help me. I should never have dropped out of the coding option in middleschool. Anyways thanks for dropping by! I hope you have a good day stranger!

Kai / Aki shout out to my good friend Lina / Sai for the art here!

Hello!^^ My name is Kai or Aki! I go by both :].

21 yr Canadian who spends all their time on the internet

Welcome to my funny little corner of the internet. Nice to meet you!!!

@blxxing on discord.

DNI: Homophobic, racist etc. literally just be a decent person lmao. Otherwise we chill.

leave me a message in my guestbook? ;) Guestbook

I spend most of my time on my original characters. If you would like to know about them ask me! Or you could visit my extremely scuffed toyhou.se page that I am working on! I am still in the process of VERY SLOWLY writing a book about it. Toyhouse (rly fucked up format)

literally just ask me about them instead. Id be happy to share :) I love my little guys

My interests(in no order):

  • Drawing, vimdeogaems.
  • Vocaloid, silly cats
  • Jerma.
  • Vtubers, Nyanners, u-san, shoto
  • Gacha games. Fgo, Genshin, Love Live
  • ... Minecraft Diaries.,,,,,
  • Literally everything. You name it I probably like it or dabble in it.
  • ooooo blinkies oooooooo you wanna look at the sparkles so bad ooooo jingle jingle ooooo i got your attention